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Global Wealth Management, L.C.
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Global Wealth Management, L.C. (GWM) was founded in 1995 in Miami/Florida by the two Swiss partners Thomas U. Heierli and Ernst Eisenhut. GWM is registered as an investment adviser in the USA with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and with the ‘VQF/BOVV’ Financial Services Standards Association & Industry Organization for Asset Managers through its branch in Switzerland. We believe in being registered as an investment adviser in two countries is an extensive benefit for our clients.

GWM’s expertise of more than 25 years in international and global portfolio management, combined with custodians in a safe country like Switzerland, is more important nowadays than ever before.

On a global and international scale, our firm provides custom tailored financial services to the sophisticated investor to benefit from personalized

Portfolio Management

Investment Advice

Financial Advice

The investment process is furnished by GWM’s team in Switzerland, where also books & records and our Servers are located.

GWM’s clients enjoy an independent investment management approach combined with high-quality Swiss Banks as custodians, which leads to very personalized investment consulting.

Thomas U. Heierli