Personalized Investment Counseling for USA & Swiss Persons

Financial Advice & Family Wealth Analysis

Independent financial advice is a must for a successful long-term investment strategy.
GWM’s consolidated statement evaluates up to five different investment portfolios.

We analyze diversification and measure performance while consolidating Asset Allocation, Currency Allocation, Country Allocation, Custodian Diversification and Investment Growth of a family’s total net worth on one personalized statement.

At an additional fee, GWM’s ‘Family Wealth Analysis Statement’ is furnished to our client once a year or upon request. 

This tool offers clients with more than one managed investment portfolio a thriving approach to get on top of their total wealth and detect possible risk factors before negative impacts.



Independent and custom-tailored financial advice


Maximizing returns while investing and allocating your assets based on your needs (e.g. age factor)


Only one adviser to work with - Global Wealth Management LC